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Don will be a proactive leader in the fight to win the war on terror

“We need to defeat ISIS with assertive leadership, our superior airpower, and special forces.  Iraq and other regional partners should be the lead with ground forces.  Our regional partners will do this with strong American leadership, and it is clear that leading from behind will not get the job done.  The current policy is allowing Iran to be the dominant power in Iraq.  We are barely containing ISIS, and this is a recipe for future disaster.”

“I’m opposed to closing Guantanamo Bay.  The remaining detainees are the worst of the worst, and will likely kill Americans again.  It’s neither right nor fair to create a future grieving American family by releasing these terrorist killers.”

Don supports a strong national defense

“I believe in peace through strength.  Our military combat capability has been reduced by two-thirds since I gave my first oath back in 1985, but yet we maintain worldwide commitments, which is stretching us to the breaking point.  The military budget has been reduced by 15 percent in last 6 years, and the sequester cuts fell in an unbalanced way on the military.  We need to retool our military with the latest technology, reduce the massive headquarters’ staffs, and reform our acquisition processes.”

Don is pro-life and will defend traditional family values

“I’m 100% pro-life, endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life, and committed to support policies that protect the unborn and build a culture of life across our nation and the world.    There are practical policy positions that members of both parties can find consensus on and immediately address in Congress. I strongly support the 5-month abortion ban and prohibiting abortion when a fetus feels pain. I support the defunding of Planned Parenthood and I strongly oppose our tax dollars going towards abortions or to abortion providers.  These are positions where my Democrat opponent and I disagree.”

 Don is committed to reducing taxes and simplifying the tax code

“We need a simpler, flatter tax code that has lower rates with fewer deductions.  Everyone knows that 73,000 pages of tax law is ridiculous, and it undermines our competitiveness.  Furthermore, since government at all levels spends 42 cents on every dollar earned in this country, it is clear that we have a spending problem.  Therefore, I’m committed to not raising your taxes.”

“Our nation pays one of the highest corporate tax rates in the free world.  This also undermines the competitiveness of our businesses.  I will support a reduction in corporate tax rates from 35% to at least 25% and I will work to eliminate special interest loopholes that aren’t fair to the American taxpayer.  I want our businesses to compete in the world and win.”

Don will repeal Obamacare and work to reduce health-care costs with free market solutions

“Individuals and families should have more options and be the primary voice with their own healthcare.  The primary government authority should be at the state level, and not the federal government.  States can then create market-based solutions and better respond to their citizens’ needs.  The one size fits all, cookie cutter approach from Washington, D.C. will fail our nation when it comes to healthcare.”

Don is opposed to giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and President Obama’s unconstitutional power grab

“We need to have employer enforcement when it comes to hiring illegals.  This is the root cause of our illegal immigration problem.  We also need to secure our borders.  It is a security disaster to have over 300,000 illegal immigrants crossing our border every year.  Finally, we owe it to the 4.5 million people who are waiting to come to the United States legally to not give amnesty for citizenship to those who came here illegally.”

Don supports the 2nd amendment and will defend your gun rights

“I will protect your Bill of Rights.  Gun control is a recipe for only the criminals having guns.  I am a member of the NRA and the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association and proud of it.”

Don will work to balance the budget and reduce spending

“I will support a Balanced Budget Amendment.  We are half way on the road to Greece and we need elected officials who will fix this terrible problem.  One of our Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs said our budget debt is a national threat, and I agree.  We need to reduce our domestic spending, and reform our entitlements.  We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  We need to reduce the size of our bureaucracies in Washington, D.C.”

Don will work to eliminate burdensome regulations and cut bureaucratic red tape

“Unlike my Democrat opponent, I would have supported the REINs Act that would have put important controls on our bureaucracies that are undermining our economy, small businesses, and our local governments.  The bureaucracies were not intended to be a fourth branch of government, and they need to be made accountable once again.”

Don opposes Common Core and will support local control of schools

“I believe in local control of our schools, and reducing the micromanagement from Washington, D.C.  I oppose Common Core and think our school boards, local governments and states should have the lead in our education policies.  I want to give parents more school choice for their sons and daughters.”

Maintain our commitments to veterans and reform the Veterans Administration

“Our veterans serve a whole career, volunteer to fight our wars, and spend countless months and years away from their families.  We must maintain the promises we gave them when they volunteered.  To do otherwise is a breach of contract.  Further, I will do my utmost to hold the VA accountable for quality of care.  The VA needs reforms to give our veterans more choices, and speedier and more efficient care.  The news that over 300,000 veterans died waiting for VA healthcare is incomprehensible and intolerable.  New leadership and a new culture is needed in the national VA.  Thankfully, our local VA in Omaha has a strong reputation for providing quality service.”

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