"Don Bacon is the political outsider that Nebraska needs in Washington to work to control spending, balance the budget, and provide tax relief. "

— Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

What does Don stand for?

On Terrorism:

We are barely containing ISIS. We need to defeat ISIS with assertive leadership, our superior airpower, and special forces.

On Government Spending:

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment. We need elected officials who will fix this terrible problem.

On Illegal Immigration:

I support employer enforcement when it comes to hiring illegals. This is the root cause of our illegal immigration problem.

By The Numbers: Our Government at a Glance

80 / 535

Veterans in Congress


Gov't Healthcare Spending (by 2025)


Average Projected Healthcare Spending Growth (2015 - 2025)

45 / 50

Number of Federal Gov't Deficit Years

The Bacon Plan

Reform Congress and Make it Work

  • Cut Congressional pay by 10 percent
  • Cancel Congressional pay whenever there is a government shutdown
  • stop automatic pay increases for members of Congress

Fix the Budget for Future Generations

  • Eliminate pork by adopting the Single Subject Rule for all legislation -- just like the Unicameral
  • Adopt a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • Adopt a presidential line item veto

Demand Campaign Transparency and Reform

  • Require all campaigns to disclose within 48 hours online any political contribution over $1,000.00 during any point in the election cycle
  • Require federal campaign finance reports to be filed monthly

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From The Desk of Don Bacon

Setting the Record Straight: Social Security & Medicare

My Fellow Nebraskans: This election season, I know you are bombarded with all kinds of political advertising. But I want to set the record straight. My opponent, Brad Ashford, is…

Another False Attack Ad

Don Bacon Campaign Condemns New DCCC Attack Ad

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 – Today, the DCCC is up on the air with another attack ad that completely distorts General Don Bacon’s position on Social Security and Medicare.   The…

Endorsement Header

National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition Endorses Don Bacon

Monday, October 24, 2016 – Today, retired Brigadier General Don Bacon was unanimously approved for the endorsement of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition. The Coalition consists of…

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Ashford Should Pull Ad & Apologize to Airmen

Monday, October 24, 2016 – In recent weeks, the Ashford for Congress campaign has been running an advertisement which prominently features a picture of Brad Ashford standing with members of…


KETV Chronicle: Don Bacon

In this Commitment 2016 special edition of KETV’s Chronicle, Don Bacon speaks to KETV’s Rob McCartney about his vision for representing Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

Joyce Stepanek

Don Bacon Releases New Ad Titled “Joyce”

Today, the Don Bacon for Congress campaign released its sixth TV spot of the general election cycle. The ad is a testimonial from Joyce Stepanek, grandmother of Navy SEAL Caleb…

Endorsement Header

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert Endorses Don Bacon for Congress

Today, congressional candidate and retired Brigadier General Don Bacon received the endorsement of Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert.  Mayor Stothert is serving her fourth year in the office and is the…

372 Miles

Don Bacon Releases New Ad Titled “372 Miles”

Monday, October 17, 2016 – Today, the Don Bacon for Congress campaign released its fifth TV ad of the general election cycle. The ad highlights Brad Ashford’s shocking debate meltdown…

CCAGW PAC Endorsement

CCAGW PAC Endorses Gen. Don Bacon for Congress

Thursday, October 13, 2016 – Today, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee (CCAGW PAC) announced its endorsement of General Don Bacon for election to the House…

Meet Don

Don BaconFor Congress

Raised on a farm in the Midwest, Don Bacon learned the value of hard work and the importance of fiscal responsibility. Don worked his way through college and graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Political Science Degree in 1984. He also married his college sweetheart, Angie, in 1984. They subsequently had three sons and one daughter. He later earned Master’s Degrees from University of Phoenix and National War College.

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On Social Media

Thanks to the Christian Real Estate Agent Network (CRAN) for their warm welcome today. The need to replace ACA was clearly the most passionate topic for these self employed leaders. One couple said they're paying $2,000 a month and two folks said they have $12,000 deductibles on their policies. ACA has become unaffordable and is hard broke. They know my opponent voted for ACA twice and this is the terrible result. I strongly support the replacement of ACA.

Also, the agents talked about the costly impact of regulations on their business and their customers, and know I would have voted for the REINS Act which would put needed constraints on the bureaucracy. My opponent continues to oppose the needed REINS Act.

I will be a force for positive change in Washington. ...

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Don Bacon Campaign Condemns New DCCC Attack Ad ...

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We need to return government to the people! Read The Bacon Plan: #NE02 ...

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